Things don't exist until they have found a rhythm, a form. The form of the body gives birth to the soul. I've said it a thousand times. The screen is a window to the soul.
I spend hours with the screen,

Some people put the cut-off at 1984, but for most it is 1980. People born after that date are the digital natives; those born before are digital immigrants, doomed to be forever stranger in a computer-based strange land.

A gigantic vehicle made of rock. It roamed over the country. So it's said that inside the rock there lives some kind of spirit. Its walls are strong and rivaled the highest mountains and if from the sky appeared its head. A forever collecting un-consciousness, a cloud, where all your memories are stored, past relationships and unpaid electricity bills.

It whispered,
you are avoiding responsibility and making it even more difficult for others who must take on your share. Thus, the saying, "You have made your bed, now lie in it," is very appropriate.

It continued...
You may be actively identifying those activities that do not bring you any value in your life. You may be going through a purging process, clearing out old clothes and selling old furniture in order to declutter and simplify your life.

A Gigantic Vehicle Made of Rock. The Digital Native is a Myth: A Yeti with a Smartphone