Helena Aðalsteinsdóttir


Unconsciously yours, SET New Cross, London

Clytie Baobao, Giacomo Layet & Henny Valentino
May 26 - June 3 2022

In sleep, fantasy takes the form of dreams. But in waking life, too, we continue to dream beneath the threshold of consciousness. Unconsciously yours taps into the continuity of consciousness between dreaming and waking. Drifting in thought or into sleep, the artists in this exhibition bring to the surface narratives of real events that happened in daydreams, sleep, deep thought or during time travel.

Drawing on memories from childhood, Clytie Baobao's soft sculpture and spikey illustrations live on the border of fantasy and reality. Clytie creates artificial beings which both project and shelter the personal, hopes and longings from the outside world.

Giacomo Layet's combination of hand carved sculptures, murky drawings and found objects bring into being mythical mysteries inspired by his discoveries in dreamworlds, personal narratives and his own back yard.

Henny Valentino drifts into a daydream, leaving traces of a collision in the form of metal sculptures, mesh, and textures. Through automatic writing and automotive references, Valentino renders a cataclysmic vision he had in a dream that ended in the long sleep.

Jung believed that dreams conveyed what was really going on with the dreamer. Like a headworm digging through lost memories and secret desires, Unconsciously yours unearths personal inescapable truths, illusions, wild fantasies, plans and anticipations, irrational experiences, even telepathic visions. They may feel outlandish but they're all yours.

Clytie Baobao (1993, Chengdu) lives and works in London. Her practice is imbued with memory, revealing the lost, overlooked and hidden narratives. Intertwined with fables and magic, Clytie is interested in opening a rupture in everyday life where familiarity is possessed and haunted by the uncanny.

Giacomo Layet (1993, Venice) lives and works in London. His visual research takes its starting point from a collection of found objects and materials that he uses to express personal narratives. In the process of appropriation and alteration, Giacomo transforms mundane objects to create ambiguous interplays between actuality and the imaginary.

Henny Valentino (1992, Amsterdam) lives and works in London. Henny creates intricate narratives using installation, video and sound. His work is an examination of the self in relationship to automotive and domestic landscapes, viewing both spaces as an extension of the self.

Graphic design by Henny Valentino
Images by Clytie Baobao