Forms of Junk Space: Creation always brings along its parasites.

1. With designing his sky scraper (restaurants below, offices on top), the architect didn't intend to generate streams of air around his building. Streams that make bikers clutch their steering wheel, when they turn the corner. Streams that make skirts blow up in summer. He didn't foresee how people press their backs to his walls, when it rains. Because a perfect angle of dryness arose.

2. When we were born we dragged a shadow with us. It lingers in each shape and state we find ourselves in, as a silent witness: when we drive our cars, when we're toddlers, in our role as sister, when we're celebrating. Did you ever notice (acknowledge?) your shadow when you were crying?

3. The emptiness after using a product (cans, plastic bottles, cups, a backyard pool in winter). Maybe we are only capable of connecting memories to objects we have to fill instead of finish: chairs, shoes, closets.

Text by Anne Marijn Voorhorst
Graphic design by Paul Girardeau